I'm Sam. Sam I am. And I don't like green eggs and ham. Hi. I'm Sam Evans I recently transferred to William McKinley High School from an all boys boarding school. I play football and I'm also in the Glee club, Finn found me singing in the shower like a boss… Sinn. Oh and I'm bi, cuz baby I was born this way. I love comic books and all things nerdy. I also believe in Aliens because I know they want to steal my comic book collection. I love Avatar. OH! I also love me some Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio.
- Dating my awesome chocolate turtle Nathan! :) 4/24/11
- Finn is my Biffle (Satrick and Finnbob♡)
- Jesse is my main man
- If you ever mess with my little sister Ana, I will fucking run you over with a bus.
-Captain Jack Norris number wah Daniels PuckerEvans
-Fantastic Four
- ARTIE IS A PIMPMASTAH! <3 (Evans-Abrams love to yell, yo!)

(ooc: I am in now way affiliated to Chord Overstreet or own Sam Evans, this is just for funzies ;D)
Do you want my Doritos?